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Black Bowel Movement: Poop with black color

Is Your Black Bowel Movement Caused by Constipation?

Most people find it surprising that their black bowel movement could be the direct result of being constipated. Sure, you assume that dark stool would have something to do with your digestive system by why would you be surprised that not maintaining a regular cycle would be a cause? Furthermore, if you have a black bowel movement and constipation, you may be wondering what’s even causing the problem in the first place, right? After all, you can’t fix it if you don’t know where it’s stemmed from.

What is Constipation?

There’s a good chance that if you have a black bowel movement, you may be constipated but many people aren’t really sure if this is to blame. What is constipation anyway? The word gets tossed around like indigestion and heartburn but like those words, it means something different to everyone. Well, there is not one cut and dry definition of constipation because it does indeed affect people in different ways.

Some individuals who have a black poop after straining consider this to be constipation. However, most others label constipation as a significant decrease in their regular cycle. The problem with trying to put a label on what is normal and what’s not is that what seems like a decrease to some people may seem like an increase to others. Medical professional can’t say that having only five bowel movements per week means that you’re constipated because some people don’t go more than three times a week on average as it is.

Simply put, constipation can be defined as having a black bowel movement after straining or it can be a decrease according to what is normal for you. Whatever you classify it as, there is a very good chance that your system simply needs a little help restoring its natural balance. Are you confused with orange poop? Check out to learn what orange poop mean and it can help you achieve this in a safe and effective way and it will even help you shed a few pounds while you’re at it without even trying!

Eat Your Fiber

Fiber is extremely important to digestion; when you don’t have enough of it in your diet, a black bowel movement can be resulted from constipation. Fiber seems to be some dirty little word to many people, some oven think that they have to drink undesirable powders mixed with water or take supplements to add fiber to their diet. This is absolutely not true!

If you have a black bowel movement, you may need to simply make the effort to eat more fiber everyday which is easy to do by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet like prunes, figs, apples, yams, asparagus, apricots, beets, broccoli, bran, spinach and cabbage. If you are always on the run and have a hard time squeezing these foods into your diet, grab a fiber bar! You may be quite surprised at how good the fiber bars on the market actually taste! Even when you take Bowtrol to address your black bowel movement, it doesn’t hurt to make healthier food choices in your diet as well.