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Adverse Gabapentin Side Effects

Gabapentin is a drug produced to be used in treatment of seizures or epilepsy in adults or children with the age limit of 3 and above. In the recent time some people are using Gabapentin in order to relieve nerve pain. However, recent research carried out on Gabapentin showed that some patients who use Gabapentin suffer some side effects. The experiment was carried with two groups of people. The first group were given Gabapentin while the second group were treated placebo drug. The Gabapentin side effects that occur in the first group of people were taken down. No such side effects were noticed in the second group of people.

One of the terrible effects that have been observed through studies on the drug is the risk of suicidal acts or thought of committing suicide. In the light of the above FDA raised alarm in 2009 with regard to the high risk of depression and thought of suicide or other violent behaviour which can occur in people taking Gabapentin. This is really a matter for worry. Gabapentin is a prescription drug and therefore should not be taken anyhow. Once you notice such behaviour in a patients taking Gabapentin, then you need to take the person to a doctor. There are other negative effects noticed during studies.

Gabapentin is not a controlled drug but it has been noticed that Gabapentin can cause some psychoactive effects. This explains why some users of Gabapentin tend to be talkative. The drug has the tendency of causing exhilaration in some people. Numbness is also among the adverse Gabapentin side effects that occur as a result of high dose of the drug. This can even aggravate to insensate. Such effects are rare but they require immediate medical attention.

Some effects of Gabapentin occur when an over dose of the drug is taken. Drowsiness, dizziness, excessive tiredness and headache can occur in some patients. While some other patients may experience dry mouth, nausea, weight gain and constipation. In generally, these effects differ from patients to patients. So, if you discover that you are allergic to Gabapentin, inform your physician. In order to minimize the side effects of Gabapentin, do not take the drug without seeing a doctor or a pharmacy. You need to also reduce the consumption of alcohol. Do not drive when you have taken this drug since Gabapentin can induce sleep.