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7 Probable Causes of Vaginal Yeast Infection

What are the causes of vaginal yeast infection? Is there a way that it can be prevented?

We all know that yeast infections – most notably vaginal yeast infections – are caused by the overgrowth of the fungi called candida albicans. When an overgrowth of candida albicans occurs, women suffering from an infection will start to experience unpleasant symptoms.

Yeast infection demystified

What most of us don’t know is that almost every man and woman in the world has yeast within their bodies at some point in their lives. They are many ways a fungi can enter the body of its human host.  It could be possible that these microorganisms enter the body through the food we eat. But how come not all people suffer from yeast infection?

Well, the growth of yeast inside the body is usually kept under control by our body’s natural good bacteria. In effect, as long as there is a natural balance of microorganisms inside your body, your body can easily resist infections and other forms of diseases. Now, if this natural balance is disrupted in any way, the yeast will grow out of proportions and you will start to feel the symptoms of the infection.

Possible Causes of vaginal yeast infection

As it turns out, vaginal yeast infection occurs when good bacteria is outnumbered by candida albicans. Here are some of the things that fight off the good bacteria in your body and consequently causing vaginal yeast infection.

Birth control pills. While most birth control pills are quite successful in preventing unplanned pregnancies, they have certain side effects that could actually aid in the proliferation of the fungi. As most birth control pills contain estrogen, they can cause sudden changes in the vaginal environment, especially when there are increased hormonal levels in your body. This kind of change is what fungi need to grow and wreak havoc.

Scratches/scrapes in the vagina. Irritations like these can put a woman especially at risk of contracting vaginal yeast infection. This can happen during an insertion of foreign objects like tampon or sex toys. On the other hand, scratches in the vagina can also be caused of forceful penetration during sex. It could also be possible that vaginal inflammations are caused by allergies to products like fabric softeners, feminine wash, bath soaps and spermicides. This could get you swollen around the vaginal area, here are full details about this swollen labia condition.

The use of perfumed feminine hygiene sprays and douches. These products often contain chemicals that disrupt the normal PH balance in the vagina, making it itchier and drier in every application. This kind of effect favors the growth of microorganisms like yeast. If, when applying the product, you feel a burning sensation in the vulvar area, it’s best to stop using them permanently.

Intake of antibiotics. While this wonder drug is known to battle bacteria and viruses, antibiotics also post harm to your defense mechanism as it has the power to destroy the protective bacteria in the vagina. Patients who are treating other illnesses with doses of antibiotics are at risk of having yeast infection.

Weakened immune system. If you are someone who is suffering from illnesses like leukemia, diabetes, or HIV/AIDS, you are more likely to contract yeast infection because these illnesses often weaken the immune system. As your immune system gets weak, your body becomes susceptible to diseases and infections caused by foreign bacteria and viruses.

Wearing tight/non-cotton undergarments. Tight-fitting underwear can cause friction. And when there is friction, irritation will come right after. It can also increase moisture and temperature in the pelvic area – the perfect environment for the yeast to spread.

Sexual contact. While this has been debated for ages, there is actually some supporting evidence proving sexual intercourse can also be a cause of vaginal yeast infection among women. Yeast infections do not fall under the category of sexually transmitted infections, but more than 12 percent of men who had unprotected sex with an infected woman show symptoms of yeast infection. Add to that the fact that virgin women are rarely affected by this infection.

Finding the root cause of vaginal yeast infection

While yeast infection is a result of the overgrowth of fungi, the infection actually occurs when your body fails to control its growth. On the other hand, the use of birth control pills, intake of antibiotics, weakened immune system, using tight underwear and engaging in sexual intercourse all put you at risk of acquiring yeast infection.

One of the best things you can do to make sure you have enough good bacteria. You can do this by having a healthier lifestyle. Now if you want to make sure that you are treating the infection for good, then what you need are effective infection treatment techniques. You can get these by getting a guide.